ADRIC 2021 Webinar Series - Registration

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Commercial Series Webinars

DateTitleCityRegister Now
09/29/2021ADRIC 2021: Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS)OnlineRegisterADRIC21ISD

Diversity & Inclusion Series Webinars

DateTitleCityRegister Now
09/30/2021ADRIC 2021: The Problem with ReconciliationOnlineRegisterADRIC21PRE
10/13/2021ADRIC 2021: Gender Awareness 101 for Dispute ResolutionOnlineRegisterADRIC21GEN
10/27/2021ADRIC 2021: Increasing Police Legitimacy and EffectivenessOnlineRegisterADRIC21POL
11/10/2021ADRIC 2021: Trauma Informed Dispute ResolutionOnlineRegisterADRIC21TRA
12/01/2021ADRIC 2021: Best Practices in ADR through a Multi-faith LensOnlineRegisterADRIC21BPM

Specialties Series Webinars

DateTitleCityRegister Now
10/06/2021ADRIC 2021: Workplace Mediation - ... Member SurveyOnlineRegisterADRIC21WMS
10/28/2021ADRIC 2021: Leading HR with ADROnlineRegisterADRIC21LHR

Other Events, Courses and Recorded Conference Webinars

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10/20/2021AAMS Day 1 ADR Conference & AAMS CR Day Conf (Oct 20)OnlineRegister ADRIC1AAMS
08/01/2020RECORDING_ADRIC_ARB1: Peer to Peer Arbitration SymposiumRecordingRegister ADRIC20RB1
08/01/2020RECORDING_ADRIC_ARB2: Remote Proceedings: Strategies...RecordingRegister ADRIC20RB2
08/01/2020RECORDING_ADRIC_ARB3: Uses and Abuses of Arbitration: Uber..RecordingRegister ADRIC20RB3
08/01/2020RECORDING_ADRIC_ARB4: Cross Canada Arbitration CheckupRecordingRegister ADRIC20RB4
08/01/2020RECORDING_ADRIC_ARB5: Arbitration Appeals_The Good, The BadRecordingRegister ADRIC20RB5
08/01/2020RECORDING_ADRIC_ARB6: The Arbitration Award: Getting...RecordingRegister ADRIC20RB6
08/01/2020RECORDING_ADRIC_ARB7: Crossing the Border: Canada/US CommercRecordingRegister ADRIC20RB7
08/01/2020RECORDING_ADRIC_ADRP1: Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration & ...RecordingRegister ADRIC20RP1
08/01/2020RECORDING_ADRIC_ADRP2: Hearing the Voice of the Child in ArbRecordingRegister ADRIC20RP2
08/01/2020RECORDING_ADRIC_ADRP3: Report_New Research into the Effe...RecordingRegister ADRIC20RP3
08/01/2020RECORDING_ADRIC_ADRP4: ODR on the Front Lines: The Condo....RecordingRegister ADRIC20RP4
08/19/2020RECORDING_ADRIC_WHRL1: Emergency – Business Continuity...RecordingRegister ADRIC20RW1
08/01/2020RECORDING_ADRIC_WHRL2: The New “Normal” Workplace...RecordingRegister ADRIC20RW2
10/21/2021ADRIC Annual General Meeting 2021 / AGA de l'IAMC 2021OnlineRegister ADRIC21AGM
10/21/2021AAMS Day 2 ADR Conference & AAMS CR Day Conf (Oct 21)OnlineRegister ADRIC2AAMS
09/28/2021ADRIC Under 40 "Happy Hour" Networking EventOnlineRegister ADRIC40HAP
10/26/2021ADRIC-RICS Mod_1:All About Construction Adjudication (10/21)OnlineRegister ADRICA1212
11/02/2021ADRIC-RICS Mod_2: Adjudication Advocate Course (11/21)OnlineRegister ADRICA2212
01/01/2021ADRIC Correspondence Course in Arbitration Part 1At own paceRegister CORESPT1