RECORDING_ADRIC_ARB2: Remote Proceedings: Strategies...

RECORDING - Arbitration Series - Session 2
Remote Proceedings: Strategies and Pitfalls

Recorded on August 6, 2020 - 90 minutes

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Chair: Tina Cicchetti
, BBA, LLB, Independent Arbitrator, Vancouver Arbitration Chambers

Stephanie Cohen, BA, JD, FCIArb, Independent Arbitrator;
Jonathan Lisus, LLB, Lax O’Sullivan, Lisus, Gottlieb;
Sarah Mohamed, BA, JD, Director of Legal Innovation at Arbitration Place

• Addressing objections and fairness issues
• Institutional rules and responses
• Statutory standards and ad hoc arbitration
• Comparing platforms
• Addressing security issues
• Evolving technology
• Technical competence: counsel and arbitrators
• Use of third party service providers
• Witness participation
• The arbitration record
CPD accreditation received to date (pending from other Law Societies across Canada):
•   Law Society of British Columbia: 1.5 hours
•   Law Society of New Brunswick: 1.5 hours
•   Law Society of Ontario: This program contains 1 hour and 30 minutes of Professionalism Content.
•   Law Society of Saskatchewan: 1.5 hours
ADRIC CEE points: 3

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