ADRIC Arbitration Handbook, The
ADRIC Arbitration Handbook, The

Guide and reference manual for ADR practitioners. Price includes shipping from our office to a Canadian address via ExpressPost. (This Handbook is available in English.)

Topics include:

  • Definition of Arbitration;
  • The function, qualities, duties and jurisdiction of the Arbitrator;
  • The Chartered Arbitrator: Principles, criteria, protocol and competencies;
  • The Lawyer as Arbitrator;
  • Arbitration Options: Binding ~ Compulsory ~ Final Offer ~ Grievance ~ Interest ~ Court Annexed ~ Non-binding ~ Ad hoc ~ Contractual ~ Documents only

Detailed Chapters on topics such as:

  • The Appointment Process, Pre-hearing Matters, Rules of Evidence, The Hearing
  • Rules of Procedure, Summoning and Questioning Witnesses, the Hearing Record - all with sample checklists;
  • All aspects of The Award including how the Released Award is to be handled;
  • Challenges, Appeals, and Attacks;
  • Some examples of Decisions and References as well as Statutes and Rules;
  • National Arbitration Rules,
  • Code of Ethics,
  • Discipline Procedures.
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