ADRIM Family Mediation Conference 2023

ADRIM Family Mediation Conference: Advanced Mediation 2 Day Training
Good Disruptions: Strategies for Identifying, Assessing and Managing the Challenges of FDR Practice 

Day 1*: Friday November 24th [IN PERSON - Location: Norwood Hotel]
Day 2: Monday November 27th [VIRTUAL]

*NOTE: Attendance on Day 1 is essential for participation in role plays on Day 2. Coffee, light snack, and lunch will be provided for Day 1. 

Hilary Linton

FDR practice is anything but easy. Effective FDR practitioners have a clear sense of their strengths and develop strategies that build on those strengths, to help separating couples resolve disputes by reaching satisfying and durable agreements.  

This two-day training is delivered partly in person and partly by Zoom. The lead trainer, Hilary Linton, will help participants develop their own framework to identify, analyse and respond to the challenges of an FDR practice, as well as strategic interventions to effectively address them. Hilary along with a team of experienced coaches, will provide demonstrations and opportunities to practice case studies through role play.  

Learning objectives:  

  • Identify some of the most challenging aspects of FDR practice when providing, mediation, negotiation and parenting coordination. 
  • Analyze the factors that contribute to such challenges, including behaviours that mimic personality disorders, power imbalances of all forms, traumatic responses to conflict, learning and other disabilities. 
  • Learn the basics of screening for power imbalances and family violence, before parties commit to an FDR process, and best practices for implementing screening and pre-process safety planning 
  • Develop a reliable framework for designing FDR processes that anticipate challenges  
  • Identify strategies for identifying when interest-based bargaining is unlikely to be effective 
  • Learn and practice skills for moving tough cases through to self-determined, practical proposals for solving problems 
  • Identify several client-empowerment tips and strategies Develop a framework for effectively and affordably incorporating the child’s voice into FDR processes 

Early Bird Registration: (September 1, 2023) 
Members:          $475 
Non-Members: $550 

Registration: (After September 22, 2023) 
Members:          $600 
Non-Members:         $725 

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CEE/CPD Hours: Attendees may apply for ADRIC CEE credit and Law Society of Manitoba CPD credit. 

About Hilary Linton 
Hilary Linton, J.D., LL.B., LL.M. (ADR), Acc. FM is a senior Toronto family lawyer, mediator, arbitrator, parenting coordinator and trainer. A former civil and family litigator she started the Riverdale Mediation in 2001, where she and four colleagues provide family mediation, parenting coordination, arbitration and IPV screening services. Hilary also provides court-connected family mediation services in three Toronto family courts.  

Hilary has worked extensively over many years to develop and deliver training on managing IPV risk and power imbalances for family law professionals across North America as well as in several European countries, South Africa and the Caribbean. She was a member of Justice Canada’s advisory group that created the HELP Toolkit and has written a primer for Ontario family judges on identifying risk and safety planning resources for litigants. Her 2020 article “Best Practices for Addressing Power Imbalances and Safely in Family Dispute Resolution: Research, Protocols and the Law” can be found on Canlii here.  

Hilary’s work has been recognized with Awards of Excellence from the Ontario Bar Association and the Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario.

11/24/2023 9:00 AM - 11/27/2023 5:00 PM
In person and Online Winnipeg, MB

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