ADRIC Correspondence Course in Arbitration Part 1

ADRIC Correspondence Course in Arbitration Part 1

The Correspondence Course in Arbitration Part One
This two-part correspondence program is designed for those with post-secondary education.    Lawyers admitted to the bar in Canada do NOT have to complete Part 1 of the course, however a law degree or   training in arbitration is not essential. The twenty-seven lessons cover concepts and procedures of contract and tort law, arbitration acts and procedures, evidence and court control of arbitration as well as awards and award writing, and the law as it applies in that context.

The course may be started and completed according to each student’s own schedule. A suggestion is to aim to complete one assignment each month. The assignments are marked by ADR Institute of Canada members who are practicing and experienced arbitrators. The course culminates in a case study where students must apply their skill and newly acquired knowledge to a practical arbitration problem.
PART 1— Part 1 of the program is designed to provide non-lawyers with an understanding of the law of contracts and torts, and an introduction to commercial arbitration statutes. After completing each of the assigned chapters, students must complete and submit an assignment. After all assignments have been completed, an exam must be written. (Exam fee $100)  Includes the text:  The Law & Business Administration in Canada, Smyth/ Soberman/ Easson.
PART 2— Part 2 provides members of the legal profession and graduates of Part 1 with detailed information on the appointment, authority and role of the arbitrator; steps involved in the arbitration process; rules of evidence; and arbitration awards and award writing. As in Part 1 of the correspondence program, each lesson is followed by an assignment.  After all  assignments have been completed there is an exam (fee $100).  Those who are not members of the legal profession must complete the first part of the correspondence program successfully before enrolling in Part 2.
Please note:  The Arbitration Handbook is also required for this course and is included in the price as well as shipping of the entire course.

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