ADRIC–RICS Canada Adjudicator Training Program 2023 Module 3

ADRIC–RICS Canada Adjudicator Training Program 2023 Module 3

Module 3

Tuesday, October 17 – Wednesday, November 22 2023

This course will be presented online.
Limited spaces – Register early.

Registered participants will be sent an email with the Microsoft Team’s link the Monday before the course. Please be sure to check your Spam as the emails are often pushed there as “unrecognized email”.


  • ADRIC-RICS Module 1: Introduction to Adjudication (recommended)
  • ADRIC-RICS Module 2: Adjudication Advocate Training (mandatory)

A comprehensive 28 hour training program, following the ADRIC-RICS Adjudication Advocate course.

This course is broken into units and is delivered over four weeks to allow time for study and preparation between sessions. Please note candidates should factor in that there will be additional study and assessment preparation to be undertaken during this period.

This module covers  the remaining knowledge and competencies you need to practice as a construction adjudicator, with specific focus on applicable common and statutory law, adjudication practice, managing the adjudication process and decision writing.

Assessment:  This module is subject to formal assessment in the form of a written examination, an online assessment and a practical adjudication decision writing exercise.

Unit 1
Session 1:  October 17 2023
Session 2:  October 18 2023
Session 3:  October 23 2023 – 9 am – 10.30am ET (Assessment/written exam)

Unit 2
Session 1:  October 26 2023
Session 2:  October 30 2023  (Online assessment))

Unit 3
Session 1:  November 1 2023
Session 2:  November 7 2023
Session 3:  November 9 2023

November 15, 2023: Part A documents distributed for preparation of assessment

Session 4:  November 22 2023 -9  am – 1pm ET (Assessment/written exam)

Price: $2595 + taxes

Modules 2 & 3 are required training for anyone interested in applying to become a member of an adjudication roster. 


* If you are taking Module 2 and 3 you can take both for a reduced price of $3,500.



Note: The training you will receive has been designed by RICS/ADRIC based upon the combined experience of these organizations respecting construction adjudication.  ADRIC/RICS are confident that, following the successful completion of the three module program, a candidate will be well trained in the basic principles of construction adjudication and eligible to apply for a Q.Adj (Const)) designation from ADRIC (subject to completing the ADRIC designation process).


A candidate must note, however, that this training does not guarantee an appointment to the roster of any nominating authority in any jurisdiction.  Appointment to a Canadian federal or provincial roster of adjudicators remains subject to the relevant legislative frameworks many of which are not yet enacted in whole or in part.  Moreover, it is the nominating authority in each jurisdiction which is vested, under the legislation, with the power to appoint adjudicators in those jurisdictions. For example, ADRIC’s Quebec Affiliate, L’Institut de mediation et d’arbitrage du Quebec, is the current nominating authority in that province. Similarly, ADRIC’s Saskatchewan Affiliate, ADRSK, shares responsibilities with the Saskatchewan Construction Association for the operation of the Saskatchewan Construction Dispute Resolution Office (SCDRO), the nominating authority in that province. ADRIC/RICS and ADRIC’S Alberta Affiliate, ADRIA (operating in partnership as “ARCANA(AB)”) has recently been appointed as a Nominating Authority in Alberta. Further information can be found at:

Candidates for any roster established by ADRIC/RICS will be required to complete an application and undertake an ADRIC/RICS interview process (for which there will be an additional fee) and complete the RICS Professional Ethics module.  Ongoing continuing professional development (CPD) is also required to maintain the Q.Adj (Const) designation and roster qualification.




Candidates will be required to purchase the following material for Module 3 Unit 1:


There will be additional online materials which candidates will be directed to during the course of the program  or which will be made available on the online portal.


If you must cancel, notice must be received in writing. All refund requests received up to one week prior to the date of the event will receive a refund less $400*. Notice must be received NO LATER THAN 11:59pm ET THREE DAYS PRIOR to the date of the event to receive a refund less $500*. No refunds available after that point.


*As stated above successful completion of this training, and the award of a Q. Adj(Const) designation, does not guarantee appointment to a roster of construction adjudicators anywhere in Canada.  Appointment to a roster is entirely within the discretion of the nominating authorities in each jurisdiction. Moreover, legislation and contracts with governments in each jurisdiction set prerequisites for construction adjudicators (eg. 10 years of relevant construction experience) and the composition of construction adjudication rosters (eg reflecting a broad spectrum of construction expertise).  Nominating Authorities in each jurisdiction may also limit the number of construction adjudicators on their rosters based upon anticipated volumes of adjudications.  Individuals taking Modules 2 and 3 training must, therefore, be mindful of these roster appointment constraints.


Further information concerning the Qualified Construction Adjudicator (Q.Adj (Const)) status and roster eligibility criteria can be found here.


10/17/2023 9:00 AM - 11/22/2023 3:00 PM
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