2022 ADRBC Fall Arbitration Training Course Part II

2022 ADRBC Fall Arbitration Training Course Part II
Part II “Basic Law for Arbitrators” 3 days x 6hr, plus pre-test and post-test; one session per year (in Vancouver, plus other locations as demand warrants) Content: An introduction to basic principles of law focusing on commercial disputes. Intensive review of principles of general contract law, plus selected types of contracts. The course is intended for non-lawyers. Text: Smyth, Soberman, et al., “The Law and Business Administration In Canada” Acknowledgment: Certificate of Participation Instructor: Glen Bell, C.Arb. Members: $1000 Non-Members: $1150

Part II – Conduct of Arbitration Proceedings

Oct 5-7, 2022

3 days x 7 hours, plus post-test (4 hours credit if successful)

CPD Credits: The Law Society of BC (18 hours) and Mediate BC (21 hours)

Intensive review of the BC Arbitration Act and rules of procedure including options under various sets of rules (BCICAC, ADRIC, plus others); evaluating types of evidence; practice issues; ethical concerns; natural justice in distance, documents only and in-person hearings.

Text: ADRIC, The Arbitration Practice Handbook, plus ADRBC materials.

Acknowledgement: Certificate of Completion – 25 hours

10/5/2022 9:00 AM - 10/7/2022 4:00 PM
To Be Confirmed

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